Ajuntament de la vila de Planes, Pl. Dalt vila,1 03828 Planes

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Bar Centre Social

Address:C/Pati de la germana Angelines

Telephone:679 85 96 63

Bar Lago

Address:Av. Ciutat de València, 8

Telephone:622 63 28 68 / 633 92 88 30

Bar Lluís

Address:C/Ciutat de Dénia, 15 (Front Gassolinera)

Telephone:96 551 42 25

Bar Nou Català

Address:C/Bisbe Rafael Sanus, 4

Telephone:646 30 78 31

Restaurant l'Almàssera

Address:C/Abadia, 20 - Margarida

Telephone:96 551 43 14 / 699 46 81 95

Web page: www.almassera.eu

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The website of the Planes Town Hall is intended primarily to serve the neighbors of the people and the people who do not reside here. The Planes Town Hall reserves the option to modify the content of page and its presentation.

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The objective of the Planes Town Hall to ensure access to the municipal website to as many people. Therefore, this website will develop so that everyone can access all information relating to our people, including people with physical disabilities, mental and sensory. This web portal is scheduled according to the rules of the Internet Consortium (W3C), following their (XHTMNL 1.0, CSS2 and CSS3). The code is valid and has been tested with the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox , Konqueror, Chrome and Safari


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